At My own tutor Battersea Tuition Centre, our fully qualified teachers tutor maths and English to children from Reception to GCSE level and above.

What is "Tuition Without Limits"?

90 minute lessons using the My Own Tutor programme take place after school and on a Saturday. Children are taught on a one to one basis within small groups of six. Our resources fully complement the National Curriculum taught in UK Primary and Secondary schools.

We are registered with Ofsted and parents who are eligible for working tax credits may use them to pay for sessions at the centre. As we are a registered childcare provider you could be entitled up to 70% off your weekly tuition centre fees.

We are also registered with childcare voucher administrators and can accept these vouchers in part payment of sessions.

Monday 15:50 – 17.20 and 17.30 – 19.00

Saturday 9.00 – 10.30, 10.40- 12.10, 13.00 – 14.30

Our service is designed to start children at their own pace and ability level to build confidence, so that they want to learn and we also make sure that their learning is engaging. It is much more likely that they will enjoy the experience and feel the satisfaction of reward and achievement, when the learning experience is tailored to fit their ability and speed of learning.

High quality education, tuition and learning support should be available to all who want it. We aim to give every aspirational family, no matter where they are, or from what background they come, access to comprehensive, affordable and excellent tuition and learning support for their children.

We aspire to Tuition Without Limits:

  • No limits to access because of price
  • No limits to what your children can achieve
  • No limits to the range of tuition services we will create and make available at truly affordable prices.

What People Say